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COVID-19 Cleaning & Disinfection Requirements For Hotels & Tourist Accommodation

Cleaning Plan:

The establishment must adopt a cleaning and disinfection plan that takes into account the evaluation of the identified risks. The plan must consider as a minimum:

  • An increase in cleaning and brushing frequencies, especially in areas with the highest contact (surfaces, knobs, sinks, faucets, handles, lifts, reception desk, doors, keys / room cards, telephones, remote controls, toilet flush handles and buttons, protection barriers, air conditioning controls, dryer, time control devices, gym equipment, railings, room service menu, minibar, hangers, etc.). Specifically, the employees’ work area must be disinfected at the end of their shift (ex. reception desk, box, etc.).
  • Daily ventilation / aeration of common use areas where there have been customers.
  • Cleaning surfaces with disinfectant products.
  • The safe use of disinfecting cleaning products, such as dilutions of freshly prepared bleach (chlorine concentration 1 g / L, prepared with 1:50 dilution of bleach concentration 40-50 gr / L). Concentrations of 62-71% ethanol or peroxide are also effective. 0.5% hydrogen in one minute, as well as the use of other authorized alternative methods of proven efficacy. In any case, the efficiency of the disinfectants used should be used according to the safety data sheets of the products.
  • The cleaning of rooms should be done in secure conditions. 
  • Cleaning carts should be cleaned and sanitized after each shift change that they’ve been used on. The collection of waste bins from common use areas must be carried out in secure conditions, so that the bags are closed / sealed and are transferred to the waste collection point. 
  • There should be a record kept of the cleaning that has been done.
  • The contingency plan must determine the impact of the necessary cleaning measures on the planning and organization of work, due to the special importance of this, given the context of the situation.

Cleaning Requirements In Rooms

The cleaning and disinfection of rooms in the COVID-19 context must specifically contemplate the airiness of the room, the replacement of towels and bed linen. All of this, must be in line with the established frequencies accorded to buildings in the hotel category. In addition, special attention will be paid to the following:

  • Cleaning of walls, floors, ceilings, mirrors and windows, furniture, equipment and items ( both decorative and functional).
  • Cleaning of any surface or equipment with a high level of use / contact (specifically, the air conditioning system should be checked periodically, especially the filter and screen cleaning).

A system must be defined to avoid cross contamination, putting clean clothes in the room only after they’ve been cleaned and disinfected. Dirty clothing should be placed in bags before being deposited in cleaning carts.

Avoid providing a minibar service in the room if the establishment cannot guarantee its cleaning between clients.

Colleagues who do floor and general cleaning work will not agree to provide their service in the rooms without the guests leaving the room first, except in exceptional circumstances. Everyone will be informed of this measure in advance.

The standard “ISO 22483 Tourism and Related Services – Hotels – Requirements for the Provision of the Service” details the quality requirements for the room cleaning process.

Textile cleaning

The following requirements must be met:

  • “Dirty” textiles must be collected, put in a bag and closed until the laundry is treated and completed.
  • Avoid shaking dirty textiles.
  • After handling “dirty” textiles, personnel should wash their hands.
  • “Dirty” textiles must be washed at > 60ºC. If the laundry service is outsourced, the service provider must be informed of the minimum required temperature.

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