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  1. Hi There – I desperately need help. I am a non-resident living in Ireland and have a studio In Jupiter, Benalmadena. I pay IBI and Basura 3 times per year having finally managed to set up a direct debit. I had 3 contacts in the Town Hall, Arroyo but having emailed them over the past year 15 times to ask a question, I have NOT had one reply or acknowledgement from them. I cannot speak Spanish so no point in telephoning them. I have to pay non-resident fees each year and I need to know the Cadastral Value before I can do this. They sent me receipts for my payments 3 years ago and the value was on these But they do not send me receipts anymore.
    I really don’t know what to do. I have asked them so many times if they can just give me the cadastral value but No Answer! Due to Covid I have not been able to come to Benalmadena to visit the Town Hall.

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